I’ve officially kicked off my degree completion at Washington State University. Of the two courses I’m taking this semester I’m very excited about my communications course; Multimedia Content Creation. The course is designed to teach both storytelling design principles and the basic digital media design and production skills using the Adobe Creative Cloud applications – Photoshop, Illustrator, Audition, and Premiere. I have varying levels of experience with each of these programs but I’m excited to dig into each of them a bit more to create some specific and original content. 

For the semester our main focus will be storytelling and creating content around one main topic. It was a no-brainer to center my topic on my UX pursuit. For my this course all the work I create will be focused on my pursuit of a user experience career. I’m excited to produce more and different content that I can use to build a portfolio (here on this site) that not only shows my work but also the journey on which I have traveled.

First up, Photoshop. I’ll be posting the work I create for this first unit soon. But first, I'll leave you with a great video my professor shared celebrating the 25th anniversary of Photoshop launching.